Fierce Obsessions | Book Review

fierce-obsessionsWhen raven shifter Riley Porter was given sanctuary by the Phoenix Pack, she let them believe she had left her flock. Reluctant to divulge the secrets of her past, she was still embraced as family. Only Tao Lukas, the protective and passionate Head Enforcer of the pack, was resistant to the enigmatic shifter. Until Riley started to arouse in him something other than suspicion. Tao doesn’t trust lone shifters, especially ones so guarded—and tempting. But the sexual tension between them is making them both come undone, and vulnerable to more than desire. All Tao wants is for Riley to stay with him and to trust him with the truth of her past. As Riley’s mysteries come to light, so does a danger that threatens not only her life but the safety of the entire pack. For Tao, keeping Riley safe means keeping her close—forever—as his mate.

Net Galley ARC received from Montlake Romance for an honest review

 +++ Image and blurb from Montlake Romance+++

4 ‘Borrowed not Stolen’ Stars

Let’s be honest here. I am a fan of the Phoenix and Mercury Pack, as I have read every title in the series and I am always in a state of anxious anticipation for the next release. Needless to say, I gracelessly leapt on the opportunity to read the advanced copy of Fierce Obsessions from Net Galley. And this book did not disappoint, filled with sassy characters, interesting shifter dynamics and – of course – hot sex.

Riley Porter is a raven shifter and protector of the adorable shifter children, Savannah and Dexter. She was first introduced in Savages Urges as Makenna’s fellow worker at the lone shifter shelter, and circumstances lead her to seek refuge for the children at Phoenix pack territory. The only problem she faced from being fully accepted by the pack was Tao Lukas, head enforcer and incredibly suspicious of outsiders. He wanted her gone. So not the best start but interesting enough to find her waking up after a tequila-drenched party to have Tao naked in her bed. The two move quickly from fling to ‘something more’ as Tao is not one to avoid a problem and Riley appreciates upfront behaviour.

The romance was refreshing after so many of the other couples had a long, slow road to romance – often hindered by their own omissions and hesitancy to bonding. This couple pulled no punches, their blunt natures fuelled their passion which sped into a devoted relationship. Riley and Tao natures perfectly suited, as Tao would bluster and Riley would just roll her eyes and ignore the ranting. Another refreshing development was their pasts were not something hidden or not spoken of, as they maintained an open channel of communication and respect. So, I was not surprised when the mating bond snapped into place fully formed, it was great to have a couple already so in tune with each other that they didn’t have to prove anything more.

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring deeper into the shifter world, as the raven shifter mentality and customs differ to the wolves. Riley’s past, which shaped her approach to relationships, was curious as she was affected by two tragic events but was still surrounded by loving friends and family. I like that true mates can be found across species as it opens the field for so many other shifter species to be introduced into both packs.

Another excellent addition to the Phoenix pack series to be released June 13th and the perfect romance to spice up your summer/winter reading. (Or indulge your sultry senses upon the entire series)



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