Devoted | Book Review

9781489245632Some choices are easy. Some choices are hard. And some choices will break our hearts…

When jaded movie director, Tyler Wentworth meets Mallory Hughes on the set of his latest movie, he immediately notices two things: she’s too sweet and she’s somehow familiar. But he has no time for mysteries – as long as she can do her job and continue to keep her notorious starlet out of trouble, she can keep her secrets.

Mallory knows exactly who Tyler is, the young man she had a huge crush on has grown to a Hollywood heavy-weight. But the last thing she wants is to be associated with the shy, awkward girl she was then. She’s here professionally, managing her troubled sister who has the talent to be the biggest star on screen, but a turbulent past. This is Bobbie’s last and best shot, and Mallory will do nothing to jeopardise it.

But as the filming begins, Mallory not only finds herself drawn more deeply to this grown-up Tyler, but that her attraction is more than reciprocated and she can’t help herself from indulging in all of her girlish fantasies. However, when their pasts catch up, she is going to have to choose between the sister she’s devoted her life to and the man who’s won her heart.

 +++ Image and blurb from JC Harroway website+++

Net Galley ARC received from Escape Publishing for an honest review

 4 Talk to Me Stars

I am sure you know the feeling where you start a book with very little expectations or assumptions and find a diamond in the rough.

It is a lovely feeling, isn’t it?

Well, I had that exact experience when reading Devoted, and what gave it those sparkly diamond qualities was the original characters, plot tension and steamy sex scenes.

Tyler Wentworth is a career-driven Hollywood director and is about the venture on his most personal project yet – depicting the demise of a young drug addicted women, based on his sister’s final days. Not happy with the unpredictable starlet, Bobbie Lawrence, the studio executives have thrust upon him to play the leading role, he is even more unimpressed that she fails to appear at the first location read through. Bobbie’s young and awkwardly shy manager is sent in her stead, Mallory Hughes, sparks not only his memory but his desire.

Mallory is Bobbie’s older sister, guardian, manager and assistant, after the death of their parents two years before. Working with Tyler is reigniting her old teenage crush, as his sister was her babysitter when she was thirteen. But never in a million years did shy, mousy, vintage-loving Mallory expect to arouse interest in the famous director. As one brief glimmer of courage had her kissing him, she discovered that he was kissing her back and wanting more than just a fling. But blurring the lines between the professional and personal is always fraught with danger, as they quickly discover.

I honestly loved Mallory, as she was a clever woman, whilst awkward at times did not shy away from her true emotions and desires when coaxed. I also loved that Tyler did the coaxing, as his director role made me expect an ‘alpha male’ dominant relationship but I was surprised as he recognised Mallory’s limitations and gently guided her out of her shell. This coaxing was also great in the sex scenes as he always wanted Mallory to voice her desires, wants and to take control of the sexual encounters. It was so refreshing to have the woman taking her pleasure, and the man encouraging her power – as the ‘alpha male’ trope wears thin after a few romances.

However, even with the empowering sex scenes, interesting characters and relationship tension, the novel felt lacking in some way. As I finished the book, I felt that the character development was not greatly present, as change comes late for both Tyler and Mallory. So, by the end of the novel, I was a little disappointed that the moments of change were glossed over, even if the shorter time frame held a lot more dramatic tension.

All in all, a wonderfully engaging romance to read at the beach, by the poolside, in front of an open fire – anywhere really.


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